Personnel Management Objectives

The objectives of Personnel Management are given below:

1. To achieve an effective utilization of human resources for the achievement of organization goals. Term life insurance rates provider need to manage all his agents in effective way to achievement organization goals.


2. To establish and maintain an adequate organizational structure and a desirable working relationship among all the members of an organization by dividing the organizational tasks into functions, positions, jobs and by defining the responsibility, accountability, authority for each job and its relation with other jobs/personnel in the organization. For example, a blinds company who is selling vertical blinds and roman shades blinds online, for them coordination of different departments is must. Inter company relation and intra company relation management is important part of personnel management.


3. To secure the integration of the individuals and groups with the organization by reconciling individual/group goals with those of an organization in such a manner that the employees feel a sense of involvement, commitment and loyalty towards it. The absence of this integration will allow development of frictions, personal jealousies and rivalries, prejudices, personnel conflicts, cliques, factions, favoritism and nepotism. These will produce inefficiency and result in failure of the organization.


4. To generate maximum development of individuals/groups within an organization by providing opportunities for advancement to employees through training and job education or by offering transfers or by providing retraining facilities. For example, a term life insurance rates providing company, for management they need to keep weekly target for their agents in such a way that term life insurance agents can achieve it easily.


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